Associate Professor Kwang Chien Yee

Associate Professor Kwang Chien Yee

Associate Professor Yee is originally from Malaysia. He came to Australia to study and he obtained his medical degree from the University of Tasmania. He did his post-graduate training both in Australia and overseas. Associate Professor Yee has a strong research and teaching background, having completed a PhD in clinical communication and patient safety. He is currently an associate professor in Medicine, gastroenterology, at the University of Tasmania, teaching medical students and conducting research in gastroenterology and technology in healthcare. He regularly delivers keynote speeches and presentations both nationally and internationally. He has more than 200 peer review publications and has received multiple teaching awards, including the prestigious Australian National University Teaching Excellent Citation in 2019.

Associate Professor Yee’s clinical research interest is in mucosal endoscopy. He is interested in cutting edge diagnostic endoscopic technology, such as near focus endoscopy. In 2022, he brought the first ultra-magnification endoscope into clinical practice in Australia and New Zealand, for gastric, oesophageal and colonic cancer prevention. He performs complex mucosal resection, using a combination of endoscopic mucosal resection, hybrid endoscopic sub-mucosal dissection and endoscopic full thickness resection.

Associate Professor Yee’s current research expertise is in the area of artificial intelligence, especially focusing on using artificial intelligence to improve gastric, oesophageal and colonic cancer prevention. Working together with collaborators nationally and internationally, including Harvard University, Alborg University and others, he hopes to improve quality of patient care through research, teaching and clinical practice.
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