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Gastrointestinal Cancers are common. Statistics show that 1 in 13 Australians may develop bowel cancer. Stomach and oesophageal cancers are less common and are slow to develop, with patients often suffering with symptoms for years before diagnosis. Most Gastrointestinal Cancers, however, can be prevented. 

Our practice has a special focus on cancer prevention, for both upper Gastrointestinal and Colon Cancers. We have expertise in using gastroscopy and colonoscopy to detect pre-cancerous lesions, remove these via endoscopy and organise for appropriate follow up. We also perform capsular endoscopy and push enteroscopy to examine the small bowel as appropriate.  


Our practice has expertise in diagnosis, detection, management and follow up of early lesions in the Gastrointestinal tract. Services that we provide in this area include;

  • Gastroscopy and colonoscopy, sometimes with special camera (near focus Endoscopy), special light (narrow band imaging) and special dye (chromo-endoscopy)
  • Small bowel examination with push enteroscopy and capsule endoscopy
  • Removal of lesions detected during endoscopy with advanced techniques such as endoscopic mucosal resection and endoscopic full thickness resection 
  • Appropriate follow up after removal of lesions to reduce regrowth
  • A recall process to ensure long term follow up

In some complex cases that require special skills, we have an established network to refer you to an interstate specialist for further treatment if needed. 


Our nurses have many advanced endoscopy nursing skills and work with our Doctors to
provide answers to your queries to keep you informed. Our endoscopy nurses work
procedurally with our Drs as well as in our specialist rooms.  We have a nurse
available most day in rooms to assist with any queries.

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