Booking Process:

I have received a referral from my GP. Do I have to call the rooms immediately?

No, you do not need to contact us after receiving the referral, we will send you a text message once your referral has been received. After our doctors have triaged your referral, we will call you to organise your booking.

If you have not received a text message after 1 week, please ring us or send us your referral via this website

How do I make a booking with the Dr?

Our medical administration staff will contact you once the referral has been received and triaged by our Drs.

How long will this take?

Once the referral has been triaged we aim to contact you within 14 days.

I heard that it takes months to get booked for a procedure, is that right?

No, our policy is to have your procedure arranged within 2-3 weeks.

We can normally organise a procedure for you within 4 weeks, dependent on the complexity of care required.

I need to see the Dr for an appointment at the practice, what is the process?

Our staff will be in contact within 14 days of receipt of your referral to offer you the next available appointment.

Is there a cost to see the Dr for an appointment?

Yes, there is a fee to see our Drs in rooms.

Hospital Procedures:

I’m having a Direct Access procedure. Do I still get to meet the Dr?

Yes. You will have a short consultation with your Dr when you admit to the hospital before the procedure.

Will I get to talk to the Anaesthetist as well?

Yes, you will also have a short consultation before the procedure with the Anaesthetist.

I have private health insurance, will they cover my procedure?

You need to contact your Health Fund to check if you will be covered. All funds have different levels of cover and excess amounts. Please also check with your health fund whether they cover pathology costs.

Our doctors charge a gap for procedures. We will provide that information on booking. Anaesthetists will also send you their costs before the procedure.

What do I need to take to the hospital?

Please take the bare minimum with you on the day. Your Medicare card, Private Health Insurance card, Concession card and if required, a form of payment. We suggest a book or iPad to occupy your time while in the waiting room and recovery afterwards.

I am travelling a long distance to get to the hospital – what if I need the toilet on the way?

If you are travelling a long distance (more than 45 mins) we suggest you plan your trip to access some toilets on the way. This could be family or public toilets on the way. You may plan for the worst case scenario if this makes you feel prepared by packing some wipes and a change of clothes, although this is rarely needed.

Do I need to change into a hospital gown before the procedure?

No. Hospital gowns are not required for these procedures. Please wear something comfortable with an elastic waist such as track pants, gym pants or shorts.

How long does it take?

A Gastroscopy and/or Colonoscopy are completed in under 45 minutes. However expect to be at the hospital for half a day.

Will I be asleep?

Yes, you will have a light general anaesthetic administered so you will not be awake during the procedure.

Will I feel anything during the procedure?

No, you will not feel anything during the procedure at all.

What happens after the procedure?

After waking from the anaesthetic a nurse will move you to the recovery chairs and give you something to eat and drink. The Dr will come and complete a short post-operative consultation with you and give you a copy of the procedure report.

Will I need an appointment afterwards at the Drs rooms?

Sometimes. If this is required the Dr will tell you. This information will also be detailed at the bottom of your scope report.

I had some biopsies done during my procedure. Will there be a cost associated with this?

Yes. Any pathology completed will have an associated account from Hobart Pathology. Your Private Health Insurance may cover part or all of this expense. Please check with your Health Fund to see what they cover. Any outstanding costs should then be discussed directly with Hobart Pathology.

Am I able to drive after the procedure/s?

No, you cannot drive for 24 hours. Please make arrangements for someone to collect you and take you home.

Preparation for a Colonoscopy:

I have read the dietary instructions and have some questions about the diet three days prior.

Can I eat porridge?

No, porridge is made from oats which is a grain.

Can I have seeded bread?

No, you cannot eat anything that contains seeds.

Can I have salads?

No salads should be consumed that contain lettuce, spinach, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers or any vegetables or fruits that contain seeds.

Can I eat fish?

Yes. You can eat meats, including fish, chicken & shellfish.

Can I drink fruit juice?

Yes, you can. If freshly squeezed please ensure seeds and pulp are removed.

Can I have pasta or rice?

Yes, you can but only white pasta or rice, no wholegrain pasta or brown rice.

Can I have peanut butter on toast or in a sandwich?

No. You cannot eat nuts, grains or seeds.

Can I have coriander or parsley?

No. Leafy greens are not allowed.

Can I have wine or beer?

Yes. During the 3-day period prior you may. But not during the 24 hours prior.

Can I have lollies or chocolates?

If they are nut and seed free then yes.

Can I have dairy products?

Yes, you can have dairy during the 3 day period prior but not during the 24 hours prior.

Can I eat pizza?

Yes you can as long as it does not contain leafy greens, nuts grains or seeds.

I have reached the clear fluid stage of the preparation.

Can I have milk in my tea?

No. You cannot have dairy

Can I have soup?

Yes, you can have clear soups.

Can I have pureed vegetable soup, like pumpkin?

No, you can only have clear fluids.

Can I drink cordial?

Yes, you may have cordial as long as it is orange or lemon flavoured.

Wine is a clear fluid, can I have white wine?

No, do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to your scope.

Can I have ice-cream?

No, you cannot have anything dairy or that is not clear in consistency.

Can I have green tea?

Yes, you can have green or black tea with or without sugar, but no milk.

Can I drink coffee or tea?

Yes, you can have black coffee & black tea only, but no milk.

Can I have hydrallite style drinks from the chemist?

Yes, these are a great option during the prep process. Please only have the orange or lemonade flavours, not the blue or purple ones.

Should I continue to drink whilst having the preparation sachets?

YES. Please continue to drink clear fluids during the sachet process.

Can I change the times that are advised to drink the bowel preparation?

No. Please do not change the times of the preparation unless advised by our Drs and staff.

I have heard there is a magic tablet prep…is this true?

There was a tablet form of the bowel prep however this is no longer available. It was not an easier option in any case as it involved swallowing up to 35 very large tablets in 15 min intervals.

The bowel prep gave me very bad diarrhoea last time, was I allergic to it?

No. The bowel preparation is designed to evacuate your system so a clear view of the bowel is provided. This is normal and what the preparation is designed to do.

Last time the preparation caused me to dehydrate and I became very ill, what can I do not stop this happening again?

Drink lots of water, and any of the clear fluids advised on your preparation information sheet in your procedure pack. Perhaps include some hydralite drinks from the chemist as mentioned above. The more you hydrate the better you will feel when you admit to the hospital.

How will I feel after the procedure?

You may feel tired, dizzy, drowsy and some abdominal discomfort. It may take a couple of days for bowel motions to return to normal. If our Dr has advised you have had polyps removed you may notice a small amount of blood – this is normal. You may also have some bruising and be a little sore around the cannula site.

The Dr said he used some clips, what happens to these?

The clips that are used after a polypectomy will simply fall off and over the course of a couple of weeks and pass naturally.

Can I have MRI if there are clips applied?

The clip(s) that we use, do not move during MRI. They, however might interfere with the reading of MRI, especially for prostate and abdominal MRI. MRI outside of the tummy area can be performed without issues.

Preparation for a Gastroscopy:

Do I need to take bowel prep with this procedure?


My procedure is in the morning, when do I start to fast?

You can have dinner the evening before prior to 8pm, then water only until 2 hours prior to your advised admission time.

My procedure is in the afternoon, do I really have to get up at 5am if I want to eat breakfast?

Yes. No solid food after 5am. You can drink water till two hours prior to your admission time.

I heard you are awake for a Gastroscopy, is this true?

No, this is not true. You receive a general anaesthetic for this procedure so you will be asleep.

How long does this procedure take?

A Gastroscopy takes around 15-20 mins to complete, but allow the morning or afternoon to be at the hospital.

How will I feel afterward?

You may experience some of the following symptoms after the procedure has been completed; Tired, dizzy, bloated and a sore throat. You may also have some bruising and soreness around the cannula site. You should fully rest after the procedure at home for the remainder of the day or evening.