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Our Inflammatory Bowel Disease service is supported by our Practice Nurse Mel.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease is an autoimmune condition at which your immune system causes inflammation of the Bowel. We now have access to highly effective treatments to manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Our doctors and nurses are familiar with the latest treatments, and we are here to help you manage your condition.


Services that we provide to help you manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease include;

  • Initial diagnosis, often via endoscopic investigations 
  • Consultation service and follow up with our doctors and IBD Nurse 
  • Discussion of treatment, including the use of immunosuppressive treatment 
  • The use of biologics if appropriate 
  • Colonoscopy assessment and surveillance to reduce risk of Bowel Cancer
  • Annual check up recommendation
  • IBD Nurse service to help monitor side effects and treatment outcomes


Our nurses have special training and skills in inflammatory bowel disease. They work
together with our Drs. to help with your disease management.

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